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Our Practitioners

Denise D.Foulkes, is a licensed clinical social worker who also holds a MBA.

Nicole is a licensed clinical social worker who has extensive experience working with adults, teens, children, and families.

Frank Pellegrino, LCSW, CASAC

Frank Pellegrino, LCSW, CASAC , specializes in treating various forms of addictions (including but not limited to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex and food, etc). He is a compassionate and empathetic practitioner who is committed to working with you to help you achieve your goals.

Jaclyn D'Egidio, MFT

Her academic knowledge includes a wide range of clinical issues including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorders seen with individual patients. She also has had much success working with child-parent relationship challenges, as well as, working individually with children and adolescents. Jaclyn has completed workshops in Sex Therapy, Foster Care/Adoption, Child Abuse/Neglect Sexual Identity/Transgender and Substance Abuse.


Erica Hauben LCSW

Erica is a trained provider of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) who is able to work with those with complicated life issues such as co-occurring conditions such substance abuse, eating and personality disorders. 

Dr. Michael Hargrove, MD

Dr. Hargrove, Psychiatrist at Hygeia Integrated Health, LLC, treats patients age 14 years and older, and has a broad range of mental health care experience in the areas of psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, and medication management.

Dr. Michael Schwartz, MD

Michael Schwartz, MD is a board certified psychiatrist who works collaboratively with his patients to develop treatment plans based on his extensive experience. He helps patients through his gentle, relaxed style of conversation.


Kim Kroeger-Bushell MS, PMHNP-BC

Kim Kroeger-Bushell is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who provides person-centered care that integrates a traditional and holistic approach.

Harry L. Campbell, BPS, BCB, BCN

Harry was introduced to biofeedback in 1985 and has been providing biofeedback services since 1995.

Paul Plotnick, LMHC

Paul Plotnick is a licensed Mental Health Counselor who has specialized in treating anxiety, stress, phobias, adjustment depression and family issues.

Aaron J. Trummer , Education Consultant

Aaron J. Trummer is a nationally and internationally recognized educator, an award winning teacher, a highly respected educational leader, and has a distinguished record of working with teachers and students over 41 years.


Sarah Natoli - Practice Assistant

Sarah is an extremely competent and pleasant front desk staff member who diligently handles the demands of the job with great patience and accuracy. She enjoys dealing with the public and hopes to do counseling work in the future.

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